Are you ready to become the person you were DESTINED to be!

Learn How To Go From Good to GREAT!

This is NOT a New Years Resolution........

My 30 day "Becoming Challenge" is where I will help you develop a roadmap map on how you can make 2024 your BEST year:

  •  spiritually,
  •  mentally,
  • physically,
  • emotionally, and
  • financially 

  • We are going to dig deep into "who" you are really DESTINED to be BEFORE life came, BEFORE tragedy came, BEFORE you lost your business, BEFORE you got that divorce, BEFORE you lost that job.



Have you suffered a personal or business loss and now you feel stuck? Has is been a while since you had a WIN? 

I know exactly how you feel. In my "Becoming Challenge"I will be sharing some tips & resources I used to "unstuck" myself. 

It is time to get a plan to "unstuck" yourself and bring the fighter out of you!


Have you accomplished all your goals from 3-5 years ago and now you are living your life in cruise control?

I know what that feels like. Lets add some new goals to our vision board and go from Good to GREAT!

How Does The Challenge Work?

Just start on Day 1 in the Challenge portal and follow along with the task, activities, and homework assignments.

This challenge is FREE!!           


What Will You Get Out of the Challenge?

Tools You Need To MAXIMIZE Your Results?

Over the next 30 days we will mapping out a 12 month plan to developing new habits, breaking old habits, changing our mindset, expanding our vision for our future and gaining control over our finances. It is imperative that you write down your plan so you have checks & balances to ensure you are on track to go from Good to GREAT. I have 2 resource packages to help you on your journey.


This bundle includes all the worksheets you will need for the challenge which include:

  • Brain Dump Worksheet
  • "Let It Go" Worksheet
  • Self Care Habit Worksheet
  • My Why Worksheet
  • Affirmation Worksheet
  • Gratitude Workshop
  • It also includes 2 workbooks:
  • Recover From Narcissistic Abuse Workbook
  • Vision Board Planner


 This bundle is for those that are serious about MAXIMIZING their results over the next 12 months. It includes all the worksheets & workbooks in the Makeover Bundle PLUS the following:

  • Positive Affirmation Cards
  • Self Care Activity Cards
  • Financial & Budget Planner
  • Weight loss & Fitness Planner
  • Self Confidence Workbook
  • Law of Attraction Workbook
  • Money Saving Challenge
  • Grow Your Mindset Planner

Are You Ready To Be The Person You Were DESTINED To Be?


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